Foster Mom Changes Her Mind About Pit bulls

This woman decided she wanted to foster for Second Chance Rescue.

She was asked to foster a pit bull.

She declined because she had two small children and only knew what she had seen on the news about them.

After a few successful fosters where the dogs were adopted, she was asked if she would foster two four week old pit bull mix puppies.

She agreed because she thought what harm could these puppies do.

She watched them grow, how they were drawn to her children and were different from any other dog.

It was at this time that she decided to her own research about pit bulls.

She decided to do her research at neutral websites.

Ones that weren’t for pit bulls or against them.

She was shocked by all the myths about pit bulls.

She also found out what great dogs they are.

She then decided to foster an adult pit bull.

This pit bull made her realize why they are called “nanny dogs” and changed her mind about pit bulls.

She is now a proud mom of a pit bull.

Want you give a pit bull chance and get to know one.

It will change your mind about pit bulls.


  1. Jennifer Popowich

    This is my video!!!! I made it thinking only my family and friends would see it! I’m so excited its reached much further!! I am forever in debt to for giving me the opportunity to foster and find another member of our family!

  2. I love pitbulls

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