Pit Bull Puppy Who Was Unable To Move Runs To Her Favorite Person

The pit bull puppy named Bunny in this video was taken to see a veterinarian because she had become rigid as a board.

The veterinarian took one look at Bunny and instantly knew she had tetanus also known as lockjaw.

Her owner did not have the necessary funds needed to pay for the kind of medical care she would need to get better so he gave her up.

One of the veterinarians named Ali Thompson made the decision to take Bunny home with her and do everything she could to try to get her well again.

At first it was continuous care and she kept Bunny’s eyes blindfolded for two weeks to decrease stimulation.

During this time even though she was stiff as a board she could wag her tail.

She also gave Ali some little signs of hope like picking up her head.

So Ali attempted to do what she could to keep her range of motion up.

Then at the end of these two weeks Bunny surprised Ali.

Ali came from work for lunch to check on her and she became very exhilarated to see her and braced herself up.

Three days later Ali’s husband had put Bunny down on the grass and when she arrived home from work she just started running after her.

Ali’s initial intention was not to keep Bunny because she had no need for another dog.

But one day it sorta of happened naturally that her and her husband looked at each other realized she was their dog so they adopted her into their family.

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