The Magic Moment This Paralyzed Pit Bull Got Up And Walked Again

This video is a about a paralyzed pit bull named Thor who wandered the streets of Tijuana, Mexico pulling his body and barking for food who miraculously walks again.

One day a woman caught sight of Thor and more than likely thought he wouldn’t make but when he survived she called a rescue.

Obviously Thor had been a stray all of his life so no one had any idea as to what could have happened to him.

All the veterinarians that saw this paralyzed pit bull told this rescue group to put him down because if he survived he would be unable to walk again but they wanted to give him a chance.

They spent the first 8 to 9 months helping him get healthy and then they started rehabilitation on his legs.

But they didn’t believe that he would be able to actually walk again so they got a wheel chair for him and were planning to put him up for adoption.

However Thor never gave up on being able to walk again and was determined to do so and then one day that magical moment happened. He just got out of his enclosure and took his first steps.

This woman went to see him and there was something so significant about him that she rescued him.

Thor now has a forever home with the ideal family and is now able to walk wherever he goes.

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