Joyful Pit Bull Puppy Can’t Stop Wagging Her Tail As She Leaves The Shelter

In this video a pit bull puppy named Matilda is so joyful to be leaving the shelter she can’t stop wagging her tail.

Douglas County Animal Shelter rescued this two month old pit bull puppy from off the street as a stray.

When she was brought to the shelter, the volunteers recognized something amazing about her.

Even though she had lived her whole life as a stray she was always happy.

When Matilda arrived at the shelter, she was suffering from worms and a skin irritation however she never stopped wagging her tail.

A rescue group named Pibbles & More Animal Rescue adored her and one of their group’s coordinators named Teresa Bowles-Chiofalo pulled her from the shelter and placed her in a foster home.

Matilda was so happy to leave the shelter with her foster dad that she wagged her tail the whole one and half hours it took them to get home.

This pit bull puppy fell in love with her new foster home.

She now has a foster brother and sister to take naps with and toys to play with.

She also enjoys helping her human brother with his homework.

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