Tiny Pit Bull Puppy Abandoned In Freezing Cold Won’t Feel Fear Or Loneliness Ever Again

In this video a tiny sick pit bull named Pumpkin was abandoned in the freezing cold.

When a boy found Pumpkin while playing in his backyard, she was extremely sick, starving and about the size of a rat.

He took her inside his house but unfortunately his family wasn’t able to keep her.

However they had a friend named Alicia Mathis who wanted to meet her.

When Alicia and her husband met Pumpkin they immediately fell in love with her.

However Pumpkin was so sick they feared she wouldn’t live very long.

But they took Pupmkin home with them and pledged to give her love and to take care of her.

When this couple took Pumpkin to see a vet, she was emaciated, had parasites and weighed only three point nine pounds.

However she slowly began to recover and in about six weeks she had regained her strength and Laila, her big sister had taught her how to be a dog.

Once she had fully recovered her true self began to come out.

She transformed into an energetic, playful dog.

She passionately loves her family and never wants to leave their side.

She will always be small for a pit bull but her family loves her just the way she is and are so thankful she entered into their lives.

Pumpkin may have been abandoned in the freezing but she will never have to worry about being alone or afraid ever again.

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