Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Loves His Sister More Than Anything

This video is about a pit bull named Todd who was rescued from dog fighting who loves his pit bull sister Sally more than anything.

Todd was rescued from a dog fighting ring and Sally was made to breed litter after litter.

They don’t care about other dogs just each other and are inseparable.

Now that they have a loving home it appeared their hardest days were behind them until Sally was diagnosed with cancer.

Todd who loves his sister so much has been by her side since her diagnosis helping her through this tough time.

They don’t know how much time Sally has left so they’re living in the moment carrying on their daily antics and showing everyone what love is.

Rebecaa Corry, an actress and comedian who established Stand Up For Pits is their mom.

She helps educate and raise money by using her humor.

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  1. I cant relieve anyon would do that wen i seen this i cryed liked a lil baby i would Love to have her abd him they both are Love…

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