Rescue Pit Bull Loves Hugging And Kissing Everyone

In this video a sweet rescue pit bull named LilyBug has the nickname “the hugging pit bull” because she loves to hug and kiss everyone.

She was found tied up in a playground when only a puppy but luckily everything changed for her.

Mr. Bones and Co., a rescue group found out about her and took her into “One Lucky Pup” their foster program.

Marisa quickly fell in love with LillyBug and the feeling was mutual so she adopted her.

LilyBug started making friends with everyone she met.

She became an ambassador for Mr. Bones and co. and for the pit bull breed.

She even helps take care of little foster puppies.

Her mom spends a lot of her time making sure that she leads a fantastic life.

LilyBug’s mom wants everyone to that she is just one example of how amazing a rescue dog can be.

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  1. Kristin Neyhart

    Lilybug♥️I know exactly what you mean my Babie girl is the same♥️ she came from the same back ground but has more love every day

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