A Rescued Pit Bull: The Difference Love Can Make

In this video a pit bull named Lake was thrown away like a piece of trash onto the street by his owners and left to die.

When Lake was rescued he was feeble from malnutrition and tick bite fever.

While he was staying at Vet Point, he attracted the attention of the head veterinarian.

This veterinarian adopted him and changed his name to Trevor.

His new mom loves very much and she gave him a safe loving forever home to recuperate in.

In his new home he met a socially awkward rescue poodle named Albert who was disliked by other dogs.

Albert and Trevor became best friends.

Albert showed him how to play and his new mom helped him learn to trust again.

It was also fate that he was adopted by this veterinarian because he developed liver failure.

Trevor may not live long but he is happy and now has a loving family who is helping him live his optimum life.

Watch this video to see Trevor’s story.

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