Abandoned Pit Bulls At Shelter Can’t Live Without Each Other

This video is about two pit bulls who were surrendered by their owner to an animal shelter who can’t live without each other.

The next day after these two bonded pit bulls were surrendered to ACCT Philly the Birster’s 9 year old dog died.

A week later Kathryn saw a picture of these two bonded pit bulls on Facebook who were up for adoption and found out that there was a possibility that they could be separated.

So she watched Facebook to see what was going to happen and she saw that the majority of the people wanted to adopt Gus but not so much Bonnie.

This made her heartsick seeing that these two bonded pit bulls who loved and depended on each so much and needed to stay together could stand a chance of being separated.

But her and her husband were unsure about adopting another dog much less two this soon because they considered their dog their child and were crushed over his passing and didn’t want to disgrace his memory.

However after much crying, discussion and assurance from their veterinarian that they were not disgracing the memory of their dog who had just died a short while ago, they adopted these two two bonded pit bulls.

One of the first things they did when they brought them home was give them new names: Gus and Nina.

It didn’t take long after bringing them home for it to become apparent to them that they had made the right decision by adopting these two bonded pit bulls and keeping them together.

Gus would have been a complete mess without Nina who is his comfort and grounding.

He would have been lost without her and would have always looked for her.

Likewise even though Nina was more self reliant life would have been so unhappy for her because she would have lost her best friend.

Kathryn said that for them keeping these two bonded pit bulls together was the best thing they could have ever done, that her and her husband love them very much and can’t even think about their lives without them.

Ever since they adopted these two dogs life has been wonderful for the four of them, Kathryn, her husband, Gus and Nina and they couldn’t be more happier.

Watch this video to see the story about Gus and Nina, two bonded pit bulls.

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