Homeless Pit Bull Saw An Animal That Changed Her Life

In this video a homeless pit bull sees a cat that changes her life.

The pit bull named Roxy was living on the streets of Los Angeles when she was found.

When they took Roxy to the shelter, she was very terrified and concealed herself in a corner where she refused to leave and took no notice of people.

When rescuers heard about Roxy, the shelter was already preparing to put her down however she was rescued in time.

Roxy always sat holding her head down on the floor of the office.

But unexpectedly Roxy saw a cat that lived at the shelter and from then on everything completely changed in her life.

She no longer stared at the floor and sincerely made a decision to become a friend with the cat.

No one understands what happened but she quit being scared of people, sounds, cars, voices and other things after she met this cat.

This friendship revived the love of life in Roxy.

The Pratt family heard about Roxy’s story and instantly made the decision to adopt her.

In her new family, she not only has loving parents but three cats and a pomeranian who she immediately made friends with.

Roxy will never have to worry about living on the streets and being scared and alone ever again.

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