In Death Gift Left Behind For Pit Bull Who Spent For Years In A Shelter

This video is about a pit bull named Jasmine who spent four years in a shelter before receiving a very special gift passed along to her by a pit bull named Lucy in her death.

After spending more than two years in an upstate New York shelter being passed over by numerous people looking to adopt, Jasmine was pulled by Mr. Bones & Co., an animal nonprofit located in New York City and placed in their One Lucky Pup Rescue Rehabilitation and Adoption Program.

After they fixed her back legs that made it hard for her to walk without pain with two operations and gave her considerable rehabilitation and training, she was ready to be adopted.

They made videos, set up photo shoots and even made a volunteer program for her to try to help get her adopted.

But after a year of doing all these promotions, no one still wanted Jasmine.

By this time she had spent almost four years in a shelter.

Also around this time they were dealing with the devastating loss of a badly abused and neglected pit bull named Lucy who they had rescued and was thought to have spent her whole life breeding in a dog fighting ring.

They fought hard for two months to try to save her but were unable to do so.

But her death was not in vain. When she died, she passed along a very special gift to Jasmine that they had not been able to give her.

Watch this video to see Jasmine’s story and to see what this gift was.

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