Nothing Can Stop This Pit Bull From Playing

Nothing can stop the stray pit bull named Frankie in this video who survives being struck by multiple cars from playing.

This stray pit bull and her mom met in a very eventful way.

Her mom saw her get struck by multiple cars.

She picked her up, put her in her partner’s Pruis and they took her to the Oklahoma State Veterinary Hospital where she was given treatment.

The doctors there had to do surgery on her hips.

Throughout the whole time of her recuperation the only thing Frankie desired was to play and she never gave up on trying.

Regardless of what it took for her to well she was willing to do.

Even though she was not able to get around all that well during this time she always discovered a way to have fun.

Frankie is completely healed now and is so elated that she can play all wants to.

Her favorite thing is going down slides.

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