Old And Sick Shelter Pit Bull Captures Two Year Old Girl’s Heart

This video is so heartwarming and a story of love.

In this video an old and sick shelter pit bull captures a two year old girl’s heart.

This two year girl named G was in a shelter when she saw this old and sick pit bull trembling in the back of her kennel.

Most people were walking past this dog because she had a foul smell like mange and phlegm was running from her nose but this little girl had to meet this dog time she saw her.

This meeting was meant to be.

She realized this dog wasn’t well and needed help and this dog wouldn’t respond to anyone but her.

G wouldn’t leave the shelter without this dog so they adopted her.

Watch this video to see this old pit bull fall for this two year old girl and this two year old girl fall for this old pit bull.

Scarlett and G will be best friends for life.

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