Paralyzed Pit Bull Turned Into A Ray Of Sunshine

This video is about a paralyzed pit bull who was deserted but now is an elated dog thanks to her dad.

Rescuers found Nala with ants crawling all over her lying on the edge of the road paralyzed where they believe she was struck by a car and deserted to die.

The staff at the shelter where this dog is living believed that she would never find a forever home because two people who stated that they were going to rescue failed to do so.

But after she had been in the shelter four and half years Michael Sanders saw her picture and just had to put in an application to adopt her.

She now has a forever home in North Dakota living with her new dad who loves her and takes very good care of her the way she always deserved.

She will never have to worry about being deserted and left to die ever again.

Nala is now living the greatest times of her life and is so happy thanks to her dad.

Watch this video to see how a paralyzed pit bull went from being deserted to being a happy dog.

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