Pit Bull Born Without Front Legs Makes His New Parents So Happy

This video is about a pit bull named Cole who was born with nubs instead of front legs and makes his parents very happy.

Since he has nubs and no front legs he hops like a bunny.

When this pittie was six weeks old, he was surrendered to a shelter and almost didn’t survive.

His two front nubs were injured and they were taking into a room to put him down when a rescue group stepped up and talked about him on Facebook.

Kimberly Boshold found his picture and fell head over heels in love with him and decided to become his foster parent.

She took him and told his new dad “surprise”.

Kevin tried not to notice him but on the second day he sent Kimberly a text asking her if they could name him Cole.

It was at this point that they knew they were going to keep him.

His new parents had just saved another dog named Keke and they didn’t know if they would get along with each other.

However within one hour after his new mom brought him home she was able to take a picture of Cole and Keke snuggling on the sofa.

They became friends quickly.

His parents decided they were going to provide the best life they could for Cole.

The first thing they did was make the house ready for Cole.

The next thing they did was set up a lot of yoga mats and several dog beds to make it easy for him to hop from bed to bed.

After this they put him in an eight week physical therapy program.

They took him several times a week to the veterinarian for his therapy which consisted of massage therapy, chiropractic work and working out on a treadmill underwater as well as working with him at home because they wanted to build strength into his back legs.

Also at this time they got him a wheelchair.

However everything changed for his new parents when his mom started a Facebook page for him and began talking about his journey.

A lot of people began commenting on this Cole’s Facebook page letting his parents know he was a pit bull.

His parents really became learned about the discrimation against pit bulls because they wanted to help them and even started fostering them.

Just because people label these dogs as pit bulls it doesn’t characterize the kind of dogs they really are.

Pit bulls are loving dogs and Cole became friends with all the other dogs.

This pittie loves to be put outside because enjoys smelling the air.

However there is one thing he loves more than smelling the air and that is whipped cream because his mom started giving him puppuccinos form Starbucks when he young.

His parents love him so much they had tattoos made of him.

Cole has helped his mom learn to be thankful for the little things in life and never take things for granted.

You call follow Cole on Facebook here.

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