Pit Bull Mom Rescues Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies Found In A Box

In this video a pit bull named Jersey saves the lives of orphaned pit bull puppies found in a box.

Three pit bull puppies who were no more than a day old were deserted on someone’s front porch.

They could not find these puppies’ mother anywhere and they were sick, emaciated and coated with fleas.

Paul Kirhagis and Kim Kelderhouse took them as foster parents.

They had to feed them every hour and take special care of them.

This foster couple gave all three puppies a name.

The names they gave them was Hope, Wish and Spirit.

These puppies were beginning to get stronger but they still needed a mother.

The foster parents weren’t sure if these puppies were going to survive and then a miracle happened.

They got a pit bull named Jersey who had been hit by a car shortly after they got the puppies.

Jersey had puppies somewhere but they could not be located.

She was in very poor shape when they got her and was unable to walk.

She was also very downhearted and had lost all hope in living because she couldn’t be a mother to her puppies because they were lost.

When these foster parents carried the pit bulls upstairs where Jersey was, she was elated to hear the pupppies crying.

She had an immediate mother response.

Jersey helped save these pit bull puppies’ lives and they saved her because they gave her a reason to live.

These puppies gave Jersey a reason to live by giving her a chance to be the mother she was meant to be.

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