Pit Bull Mother Takes Her Four Puppies Up On Someone’s Porch To Protect Them From Soaring Floodwaters

In this video Abilene, a lovely stray mother pit bull takes her four precious puppies up on someone’s porch to protect them from soaring floodwaters.

Abilene and her four puppies were staying on deserted land in Harris County, Texas.

Although life as a stray is hard, they were able to survive.

However when hurricane Harvey struck and the floodwaters started to climb survival became much more harder.

Abilene’s first reaction as a mother was to save her puppies no matter what.

She took her puppies one by one and placed them on someone’s porch to rescue them from the rain and flooding ground.

The man and woman who lived in that house observed Abilene and her puppies and realized they had to get help for them right away.

In addition to hurricane Harvey Harris County was under a chemical leak advisory because flood waters broke into tanks at a chemical plant not far away.

So this pit bull and her puppies were in danger of drowning as well as being poisoned.

This man and woman took these pit bulls to the Rescue and Reunite Center in Conroe, Texas so that they could receive the help they so needed.

Rescue and Reunite Center in conjunction with Montgomery Animal Shelter and Best Friends Animal Society were providing housing for animals to aid people and their pets who had been lost due to hurricane Harvey as well as stray animals.

The volunteers at Best Friends Animal Society provided the much needed help this mother dog and her puppies so badly needed.

They bathed these dogs to get all the dirt and assumed chemicals off of them.

This dog family was found to be coated in fleas and they were given treatment for them.

While giving them a bath the rescuers saw how poor and bony this mama dog was.

After being given a bath a veterinary checked them out.

Luckily apart from the fleas and starvation they were in good condition.

It was something a few baths and some food could mend.

Not long after being taken to the shelter Abilene and her puppies were taken to L.A. to live with a foster family.

They were taken to this foster home without harm by the Angel City Pit Bulls, an organization associate of Best Friends Animal Society.

When this pit bull family arrived at this foster home, they were welcomed with love.

This mother pit bull began to wag her tail because she knew she was in a safe, loving place now.

Abilene will no longer have to worry about living on the streets with her puppies.

They will now be given the love and comfort they always deserved.

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