Pit Bull Puppy Astonishes His Foster Mom In The Most Incredible Way

In this video a pit bull puppy named Jack astonishes his foster mom, Heather Gibson in the most incredible way.

Jack was saved by the rescue where Heather Gibson volunteered.

When she went to let them in she fell in love with him.

He sorta of collapsed and fell over and Heather realized something wasn’t right.

However she became his foster mom.

February 8, 2017 was her first day with him.

He couldn’t walk nor stand and laid on his side on all the time.

But Jack’s foster mom saw him as a fighter.

In April 2017 his foster mom drove him to Oregon where he had an MRI done.

When she received the results of his test, it was difficult for her to hear.

The results showed that the vertebrae in Jack’s neck area were badly enlarged and that was why he couldn’t walk.

However his foster mom was determined Jack was going to see the world if though he couldn’t walk.

In physical therapy they would wrap a pool noodle up in a potty pad and his foster mom would stick it in between his front legs forcing him to sit up.

Also at home she stretched his legs back and forth to make him use them.

However after a few months there was no progress.

But this pit bull puppy was a fighter and it made his foster mom even more determined to find a way.

Then in June 2018 a miracle happened. Jack took his first steps.

Little by little Jack took these baby steps until he was completely walking on his own however he sorta of staggers a little when he walks and his walk resembles that of a penguin.

Watch this video to see Jack’s story.

Jack’s foster mom thought he would always be a handicapped dog but he astonished her in an incredible way.

He can now walk and live life like any other normal dog.

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