Pit Bull Puppy Found In Duffel Bag Is Pure Joy

This video is about a pit bull puppy named Freya who has no front paws who was  found abandoned in the woods in a duffel and is pure joy.

The rescue who found her took to the clinic where Emily Weedman works for medical care.

They asked Emily to hold Freya for just a moment.

Freya let out a big heavy breath and then settled down.

Emily then knew she had to have her.

She took Freya home that night and she has brought this family nothing but pure joy.

They had to make soft places for her in their home so that she could get around and grow.

Freya especially loves her brothers.

She loves to play tug of war with them but can only last about ten minutes.

She goes to the playground with them and slides down the sliding board.

Freya also loves to cuddle with them on the sofa and time they get home from school she has to be with them.

Freya now named Hanabi will never be abandoned again and left to die.

She was a foster fail. This family adopted her and gave her a forever home where she will be loved like she always deserved.

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