Pit Bull Puppy Makes Her Mind Up To Do The Impossible

In this video a pit bull puppy named Wynona makes up her mind to the impossible.

Wynona had been disposed of like garbage along with her sister.

Athena Cois had been fostering dogs since 2012 and was partial toward special needs dogs.

When she saw Wynona she decided right away to foster her along with her sister.

She took them home and when she put Wynona down she attempted to get up but she kept toppling over.

Wynona was unable to walk because all the bones in her hind legs were virtually facing the incorrect way.

Her left hind leg was kind of stiff as a board.

She had a joint in that leg but it wouldn’t bend.

Her mom, Athena Cois took her to the veterinarian and he said that Wynona should not be walking nor moving.

Wynona would get so discouraged because she couldn’t get her legs to work.

Then one day out of the blue one of her mom’s dogs named Ridge was at the top of the deck gnawing on a toy.

Wynona saw him with this toy and she wanted it so bad so she made her mind up to do the impossible.

She figured out a way to get up the steps to the top of the deck and once she got to the top she took this toy that she wanted so bad from Ridge.

Watch this video to see how Wynona got to the top of the deck and to see her story.

Wynona’s sister was adopted in week and Wynona found her forever home with Athena Crois.

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