Pit Bull Puppy No One Wanted Is So Thankful His Foster Mom Rescued Him

This video is about a pit bull puppy no one wanted named Ollie that is so thankful his foster mom rescued him.

No one wanted this little pit bull puppy because his legs were bent and he had a severe skin condition.

But his foster mom knew she had to rescue him and give him the help he needed.

Watch this video to see Ollie’s story and how his foster mom helped him get better so that he was able to find a forever home.

Ollie is full grown now and is so happy with his forever family but he will always remember his foster mom.

About a year after he was adopted his foster mom went to see him in his forever home.

Time she entered the house Ollie instantly recognized her and excitedly ran over to her.

It was just wonderful.

Click here to see more of Ollie and his forever family on Instagram.

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