Pit Bull Rescued From Hurricane Floods Moments Before It Was Too Late

After hurricane Florence Keith Banning and some others members of the Turtle Mountain Animal Rescue drove from Rolla, North Dakota to Wilmington, North Carolina to help rescue abandoned animals and animals displaced by the flood waters.

While they were out on the Cape Fear River in a canoe the floodwaters were continuously rising.

They were going from to home checking to make certain that there weren’t any animals in danger when Keith spotted a pit bull named Rob on the roof of a car floating in the river waiting to be rescued.

They used a paddleboat with a cage on it to rescue this pit bull.

They then took Rob to a temporary shelter where he was given aid.

Keith would always take up some time with Rob ever time they brought animals back.

After all the things this pit bull had made it through Keith wasn’t willing to let the system fail him again.

He adopted Rob and took him back to North Dakota with him.

Rob now is now safe and has a loving forever home like he always deserved.

Watch this video to see how happy this pit bull is in his new forever home.

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