Pit Bull Rescued From Mountaintop Is Making People Fall In Love With Pitties

In this video a stray pit bull named Leana who was rescued on a a mountaintop in winter is making people fall in love with pitties.

A hiker found this stray pit bull on top of Donner Summit and telephoned in about her.

When she was found she was emaciated, sick and bloody from a gunshot wound in the head where someone had left her to die.

It was also believed that she had been used in dog fighting because her ears were cut off.

When Brittany and Matt first met Leana they immediately fell in love with her.

However a red sign on her cage stated that she was not ready to be adopted.

They made a decision to inquire about her nevertheless.

She instantly just softened into Matt’s lap.

It was at that second they knew that she was meant for them.

Leana had a bunch of things to learn but she had a brother named Tyson to teach her.

When they took her home, she couldn’t play fetch or comprehend how to eat out of bowl.

Shortly after adopting her they went on a cross country trip and this is when her parents realized just how special she was.

Her mom’s finance’ Matt’s cousin had a little boy who had just begun walking when Leana first came in contact with him.

She coddled this little boy, loved him and gave him affection.

At this time her mom realized Leana needed to be a therapy dog.

So her parents had her trained to be a therapy dog.

Leana has a love about her that is special that you can sense when you around her and everyone who has come in contact with her can attest to that.

Every Tuesday she visits the local elementary school and helps children with their reading.

Now they are getting ready to go on their yearly cross country trip again.

But this year they plan to make stops in every state and let Leana visit schools and nursing homes.

Even though Leana was found as a stray, emaciated, sick, bloody from a gun shot wound in the head and left to die she is now traveling cross country giving kisses wherever they go and showing just how loving pitties really are.

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