Pit Bull Thinks He’s Actually A Horse

In this video a rescued pit bull named Doug thinks he’s a horse like his bff Nigel.

Doug was rescued by Fresno Bully Rescue when he was a puppy living on the streets and placed in a foster home.

His foster mom posted a video of him online.

Cami Jendrzejewski who owns 17 Hands Equestrian watched his video and immediately fell in love with him.

The next day she went and adopted him.

She says that Doug is her best friend, soulmate, and never has a bad day.

He goes into the stalls where the horses are when it is time to feed them and eats hay and bran mashes along them.

He also eats grass just like the horses.

He enjoys being with the ponies and even walks on the hot walker like them.

One of his mom’s horses named Nigel is his bff.

They got Nigel from the United Kingdom.

He was anxious because of the long trip so Doug and his mom spent the night in the stall with him.

Nigel turned to Doug for his comfort.

From that point on they have been bff.

They love each other and enjoy giving each other kisses.

Nigel and Doug spend all day at the Orange County Fairgrounds where he grew up and where mom works playing with each other.

It is really amazing to see two different animals get along with each other the way they do and love each other so much.

“Just don’t tell Doug he’s not a horse.”

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