Pit Bull Trusts His Brother More Than Anyone

In this video a rescued shelter pit bull named Hedgie trusts his brother named Mason more than anyone else.

Mason viewed a great deal of dogs in the shelter before he saw Hedgie.

However when he met Hedgie he knew right away he was the right dog for him and he adopted him.

But before Mason adopted him life wasn’t easy for Hedgie.

He had been chained out his whole life and was scared of everything.

The first day they brought Hedgie home he hid under the table.

However his brother made a decision to carry him up to bed with him.

The next day Hedgie had transformed.

Hedgie had become attached to his brother and every since that time he has been his brother’s dog however he was still scared of everyone else.

Hedgie now has a brother that loves him very much and he can trust to take god care of him.

He no longer has the need to be scared.

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