Pit Bull Who Lost His Nose Is So Happy After Being Adopted By His Rescuer

In this video a pit bull by the name of Apollo who lost his nose is so happy after being adopted by his rescuer.

Apollo was spotted by someone sitting surrounded by old trash and thrown away tires in a construction dump site.

This person called All Dogs Official Rescue Enterprise (ADORE) of Houston.

Volunteer Brittany Faske took the call.

When Brittany found this once beautiful pit bull, she could see his bones through his skin but the worst thing was a horrific injury on his face which had become infected.

Most of Apollo’s nose and mouth were gone with bits of his snout dangling off.

When Brittany was able to get into close enough proximity to see Apollo’s injury clearly, it appeared as if it was a neat cut made by a sharp object.

It was if a person had purposefully used a knife to cut off the front of this dog’s face off.

At the vet’s office Apollo tested heartworm positive on top of his gruesome injuries making any hope of him getting better unlikely but Apollo had his own agenda.

When he was given bowls of food and water he consumed everything, giving Brittany and the vet hope that he would make in spite of his odds.

So Apollo was given reconstructive surgery to help save what was left of his snout.

However after being a skin graft  and his upper jaw and some teeth being removed, Apollo had no nose but he is able to breathe through his nasal cavity.

Brittany fostered Apollo while he recovered but after seeing him win over the love of her two grouchy older dogs she adopted him.

Apollo now has a loving forever home that he always deserved and was given the happiest ending he could ever dream of.

Watch this video to see Apollo’s story.

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