Pit Bull With Unique Look Finds Woman Who Thinks She’s Perfect

This video is about a pit bull named Kila who has a unique look who finds a woman who thinks she’s perfect.

Kila looks like the cutest cartoon character and as soon as a woman saw her picture it was love at first sight.

She realized that Kila was the dog meant for her and that she had to adopt her.

She came into her mom’s life just when she really needed her the most.

She was in between jobs and feeling down on her self.

Kila is blind and when she was a puppy she was found in Tijuana where she was being abused by kids hurling rocks at her.

In spite of this Kila holds no grudges. She is still loves people and is a sweet loving dog.

Also she doesn’t allow being blind stop her. She gets around fine.

Seeing how Kila can be so loving and elated all the time in spite of all the things that have happened to her helps her mom realize things aren’t so bad.

Watch this video to see the story about this cute sweet pit bull with a unique look.

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