Scared Pit Bull Won’t Put Food Bowl Down Until Something Happens

This video is about a scared shelter pit bull named Angela who wouldn’t put her food bowl down until something happened.

She was afraid so she held her food bowl in her mouth all the time as a security blanket.

Paws for Life and Adoption posted her picture on Facebook holding her food bowl in her mouth and the post was shared by a lot of people.

Thankfully it was seen by the right person.

Trisha, Angela’s new mom, had an eighteen year old American bulldog that had just died in April.

Her sister-in-law saw this post and showed it to her.

She saw this picture of Angela sitting holding her food bowl in her mouth and immediately made the decision that she wanted her.

Trisha adopted Angela and now she no longer carries the food bowl in her mouth.

There was no longer a need for her to do so.

She now has a loving forever home and will never feel scared again.

Watch this video to see Angela’s story.

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