Shelter Pit Bull Jumped Into Random UPS Van And His Life Changed Forever

This video is about a shelter pit bull named Ernie who jumped into a random UPS van and this changed his life forever.

Cindy Grisanti sometimes went by the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter to walk the dogs.

While Grisanti and Ernie were out on their walk, they came upon Jason who was driving a UPS van.

Jason let Ernie come inside the cab with him for a few minutes.

Right away Ernie got chummy with Jason and started showering his face with kisses.

After Jason and Ernie had some cuddle time, Grisanti took Ernie back to the shelter but Jason couldn’t stop thinking about him after they left.

Then as if they were meant to be together after several weeks had passed Jason was looking through social media and found out that Ernie was still in the shelter and in need of a forever home.

So he talked to his family about Ernie and they adopted him.

Ernie now has the loving family and forever home he somehow chose.

He will never have to sit in a shelter waiting and hoping for a forever home ever again.

Jason’s only regret is that he didn’t adopt Ernie sooner.

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