Staffie Rottweiler Mix Given Away For Being Too Nice Loves His New Mom Very Much

In this video Charlie, a staffie/rottweiler mix who was given away for being too nice loves his new mom very much.

Charlie was deserted because he wasn’t mean enough.

He was owned by a sixteen year old boy who wanted a mean dog to make him look tough.

He abused Charlie by beating him and knocking him around trying to harden him up because he was too gentle.

This boy was going to turn Charlie into a shelter in the UK where breed selective legislation is enforced.

Pit bulls are banned and euthanized just because of the way they look.

Maaria realized Charlie would be in danger because of being presumed to be a pit bull because of the way he looked.

So she drove two hundred miles and got Charlie and took him home with her.

However his new mom was afraid he would be taken away from her by the police because of his red nose and the way his face looked, so she had a DNA test done.

The results showed Charlie was a staffie/rottweiler.

Charlie’s new mom knew now that she no longer needed to be afraid of him being taken away from her because in the UK staffies are not considered as pit bulls.

Charlie was finally now safe and in a loving forever home.

Charlie loves his new mom very much and she loves him.

Watch this video to see Charlie’s story and to see how gentle and loving he is.

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