Staffy With Wobbly Walk Is So Happy To Be Alive

In this video a staffy named Karma who has a wobbly walk is just happy to be alive.

Karma was rescued from a horrible home along with five other dogs however she had the most problems.

She had a broken spine, was missing her teeth, and was unable to walk so she sorta would crawl.

Nobody appeared to be interested in her.

However a woman recognized she could give this dog a joyful life and she felt she was justified to having one.

She completely fell in love with Karma time she saw her.

It was an awesome connection.

She told her husband that she found Karma and brought her home.

Karma was left wobbly due to her spinal injuries.

Every time her mom goes somewhere with her a few people tell her she should be euthanized.

However at the start they did a did a multitude of tests on Karma and concluded she was in no pain.

She is just joyful to be alive and her mom feels it’s because she is so thankful.

Karma spent the first year of her life tied on an extremely tight heavy chain living on the dirt.

Now she spends her time going to the beach with her new mom.

Karma’s mom even started a nonprofit that she named after her. This nonprofit provides shelter dogs with bandanas and clothes to help them recognized so that they can find their forever homes too.

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