Teach Your Pit Bull To Walk Calmly On A Leash Part 2

This is part two of the training. As I stated earlier in this part you will learn why your pit bull pulls and what to do to stop him.

You are to use only a harness or flat collar when doing the training.

Take frequent breaks during your walk because sometimes your pit bull may get overly excited just to be outside because of the smells and it is exciting to be outside. During these breaks it helps to give your pit bull something stuffed to chew on because it helps him relax and soon the excitement of being outside will go away.

Two your pit bull knows when you pick up the leash he is going for a walk. and he gets excited. You can break this connection by putting on the leash at random times during the day and taking it off so that he learns putting on the leash doesn’t really mean anything.

Third do not let your pit bull decide when it is time to sniff. Make him sit beside you and you release him to go and sniff. Let him sniff around for a little while and then say let’s go and start walking. It is important to start walking time you say let’s go or it will mean anything.

Also if your pit bull bolts out the door when it is time to go for a walk you can put the leash on, walk outside and then walk back in and take the leash off. Repeat this until you and your pit bull gets bored. The consequence of doing this is your pit bull will no longer charge off with the anticipation of going for a walk.

Finally your pit bull is not to go for a walk until he can leave calmly.

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