This Adopted Dog Darla Cries When Her New Mom Leaves The First Time

Luke Austin Daugherty says that his daughter, Lydia had been wanting a dog forever and that they had just adopted a pit bull mix named Darla at the Indy Mega Adoption Event four days ago.

After having just four days to bond with Lydia, Luke Austin Daugherty says that he was surprised at the way Darla reacted when his wife and Lydia, his daughter left to see a movie. This was the first time Lydia, Darla’s new mom had left her since they brought her home. When Darla heard his wife’s van leaving, she jumped up on the couch so that she could look out the window. She started whining as the van disappeared out of sight and continued to whimper and cry even though Daugherty tried to assure her that they would be back soon.

Darla quickly formed a strong bond with Lydia, loved her very much and missed her when she was gone.

What does your pit bull do when you are gone?

This shows how much pit bulls love their owners and how loyal they are to them.

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