This Pit Bull Rescued From Dog Fighting Is The Perfect Big Sister

This video is about a pit bull named Karma who was rescued from a dog fighting ring and becomes the perfect big sister.

When a house was busted for drugs and guns, they located a room full of dogs.

When Christina Puglisi saw Karma’s picture and read her story posted by the New York Bully Crew on Facebook, she knew right away she wanted her.

At first this foster family wasn’t sure what affect her dog fighting past would have on her.

However time they brought Karma home she leaped up on the sofa and started showering them with kisses.

That night Karma went to bed with her little brother and when he woke up the next morning she was lying under his arm.

This is when he realized everything was going to be okay.

It was also when Karma’s family realized they had to have her in their lives and that they couldn’t live without her so they officially adopted her.

Karma’s family loved her every step of the way, her siblings taught her how to love and in return she showered them with continuous kisses.

She will never have to worry about the pain from dog fighting ever again because this family gave her her second chance.

This proves that if you train pit bulls the right way the will be loving dogs.

Click here to keep up with Karma and her siblings on Instagram.

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