Two Year Old Boy On Brink Of Death – Staffordshire Terrier Does Something Miraculous

In this video Alexander Kenney, a 2 year old Australian boy is saved from the brink of death thanks to Leala, his 9 year old Staffordshire terrier.

Leala”s little brother was drowning in a dam close to a friend’s house when she jumped into the water to rescue him but was unable to do so so she ran home drenched to get help.

Her little brother’s father said he realized something wasn’t right because Leala was barking continuously in addition to being soaking wet knowing she disliked water.

He followed her and found his son lying with his face in the water.

Some friends gave her little brother cpr for twenty seven minutes before they airlifted him to Brisbane’s Cilento Hospital.

Leala’s little brother was admitted to intensive care and was placed into a medically induced coma.

The doctor’s told her little brother’s parents to be prepared because they might not be taking their son home and if they did he most likely would have some kind of brain damage.

But Leala’s little brother surprised his parents and the hospital staff when he came to in forty eight hours.

He was able to answer questions and wanted his parents to kiss him.

The doctors give credit for her little brother’s miraculous recovery to cpr, the helicopter and definitely to Leala’s bravery.

Her family is rewarding her for saving her little brother’s life with bacon breakfasts and steak dinners.

Leala’s little brother is now in perfect health and has returned to preschool.

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