Vladamir Finds A Forever Home Where He Learns How To Dog

This video is about a pit bull named Vladamir that finds a forever home in Manhattan and learns how to dog.

Al Karpadito and his finance, Joycelyn Doyle drove down from New York to Villalobos in hopes of finding a dog to adopt.

This couple needed a dog who was confident enough to like living in the city but gentle enough to relax with them in their apartment.

They brought in several dogs they thought might meet these qualifications and introduced them to Al and Jocelyn and last of all was Vladamir who they found on the street in terrible shape.

When they bring him in to meet this couple he is smiling and wholehearted just wants to cuddle in their arms.

Al realized immediately that this dog was going to be his best friend in the entire world.

Watch this video to see Vladamir’s story and how he learns how to dog in his forever home in Manhattan.

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