Where Does The Soft Thumping Come From A 4 Month Old Pit Bull Puppy Inside A Box

In this video a four month old pit bull puppy named Sally was thrown into a dumpster in a box.

A good Samaaritan heard a soft banging sound coming from a dumpster close by.

Out of concern this person opened the dumpster lid to check out what the sound was.

Inside he discovered a box.

When he opened the box he was appalled finding a four month old pit bull puppy inside of it.

He quickly called the Dallas Dog RRR for help.

Upon being notified the Dallas Dog RRR volunteers hurriedly went to the scene and immediately took the puppy to the vet where she was taken care of.

Sally had to be taken into the ER because her condition was so bad.

Upon diagnosis this pit bull puppy was found to be suffering with a high fever, dehydration and mange.

She was also very weak and had painful paws.

Sally had a long road of recovery ahead of her and had to remain with the vet for a few days.

After that she was then taken to a foster home where she could recpuerate.

Sally gave Patti, her foster mom a friendly greeting when she arrived to pick her up.

This pit bull puppy sensed that her foster mom was going to take good care of her and she was looking forward to getting better.

As a result of her foster mom giving her excellent care she continued to progress toward a full recovery from her horrible situation.

Her foster also gave her the much needed loved she deserved

Sally’s dream has finally come true. She has a forever home where she lives joyfully with her new family.

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