Woman Gently Holds A Dying Pit Bull In Her Arms Overnight So That He Wouldn’t Be All Alone

In this video a woman gently holds a dying pit bull named Watson in her arms overnight so that he wouldn’t be all alone.

This woman was Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue and the splitting second she laid eyes on this pit bull she realized he was special.

A college student found Watson rambling about aimlessly in a Philadelphia park all alone and took him to a local emergency veterinarian where he received twenty four hour care.

He was skinny with sores all over his body and a very big tumor on his leg.

Unfortunately the tumor on his leg was cancerous and because it had never received treatment the cancer was all over his body.

When he was moved back to the shelter, it was apparent that all he cared about was for someone to give him love and comfort during the remaining time he had on earth.

Janine didn’t want to leave Watson by himself when he needed her so much so the next day she collected some blankets and dog beds and headed back to the shelter.

She picked Watson up and took him to the clinic laundry room and laid out all the blankets and lay down beside him.

Janine placed her arms around him, softly petted him. and told him that he was loved and that his life was important.

The sweet sick pit bull went to sleep and Janine lay by his side all night.

That night Watson slept like a rock snuggled up against Janine.

No one knew if he had ever been given such love and kindness in his life but the shelter staff was deeply moved by the fact that Watson finally knew what it felt like to be loved.

However the next day when Watson woke up, he was even more exhausted and weary than the day before.

Watson wouldn’t eat, nor drink and started walking in circles.

This precious pit bull died a few hours later.

Watch this touching video about Watson, a dying pit bull who wasn’t left to die all by himself and was finally able to experience what love felt like before he died.

You may need some tissues. It might make you cry. I cried.

Watson spent his whole life all alone not knowing what it was like to be loved however he was finally able to experience this feeling before he died.

Also he wandered the streets aimlessly extremely sick and dying all by himself with no one caring about what happened to him.

But Watson didn’t die all alone with no one caring about him.

The last night before he died Janine snuggled up by his side and held him securely in her arms letting him know that someone did care about him by giving him love and letting him know that his life was important.

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